A Trip over the Pond

2017 London near Westminster Abby


Griffin and Dad took a 7 day trip to London and had a great time exploring a great city. 

Big Ben


Big Ben stand guard over the Westminster Abby.

Roman Bath house in Bath


 The Roman Baths is one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe . Next trip we'll make sure to allow for more time in the beautiful and historic city of Bath.  

View from the Shard


Amazing views of London from the Shard, the highest building in London. This is the Tower Of London. 

The London Tube


We've been in the NYC, Boston, DC, and now London subways. Some trains were really new and comfortable some others weren't in such great shape much like the NYC subway system.  

Windsor Castle


We spent a great day exploring the home of the Queen, Windsor Castle, 

Big Ben chimes at midnight

Very cool to hear the famous clock tower's powerful  chime.